Hand for a Head

behind the scenes on the set of I Love the Night

I played the newsreader, and my collaborator Joseph Eckworth played the police man. All the other parts were played by the band (except for Holly Butcher who got stomped on, and Ellie Moss whose foot stood in for the stomping) 

More making-of bits from I Love the Night

According to my notes I decided that the invading alien should be based on Klaus Nomi, of whom I am a big fan, but as you can see it didn’t really turn out that way.

The Coptics - I Love the Night

Here’s some making-of stuff from my recent video including my original sketch for the final shot, a behind the scenes photo of me painting out the wire the earth hung from (for what good it did) and with a lit match, ready to set the world on fire. The final still is from the finished video, with the additional layer of hand-drawn animation for the death ray. 

We got a write up on VideoStatic!

'Night time is the right time for no-budget thrills in this homage to B-movie horror and disaster flicks. Perfectly chintzy special effects, claymation, pentagram pizza, bong hits and probably a few more bong hits all come together in a video that's as suitably garage as the sound of this pysch rock nugget'